FAW Trust step up to tackle workplace stigma around mental health

The Football Association of Wales Trust and the Football Association of Wales have pledged their support to help remove the stigma around mental health, by signing the Time to Change Wales pledge. Time to Change Wales is the first national campaign to end the stigma and discrimination faced by people with mental health problems in Wales.
Neil Ward and Jonathan Ford, CEOs of the respective organisations signed the pledge in front of all FAW Trust Board Members.
Neil Ward, Chief Executive of the FAW Trust commented; “Football has the power to engage with people across all communities in Wales because of the huge scale of interest and participation in the game. Playing, coaching or volunteering in football helps overcome feelings of isolation by providing a sense of belonging and community, whilst participation, of course, provides many associated health benefits, including good mental health. As an Employer, the FAW Trust is also strongly committed to ensuring that the work place is a positive and supportive environment for those who may experience mental ill health. We are delighted to demonstrate this commitment by signing the Employer Pledge.”
Jonathan Ford, CEO of the Football Association of Wales added; “I am proud to sign the Time to Change employer’s pledge on behalf of the Football Association of Wales. The health and well-being of all our colleagues is of the utmost importance and our commitment will be consistent from the first team to our office staff. It is vitally important for employers to recognise and challenge mental health stigma in the workplace and that is why we are delighted to sign this pledge.”
Lowri Wyn Jones, Programme Manager of Time to Change Wales said, “1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem in any one year, and yet 4 in 10 employees are afraid to disclose mental health problems to their employer. We want to break this silence and end the stigma and discrimination faced by people who live with mental health problems. By signing our pledge organisations like the FA of Wales and FAW Trust show their commitment to working with us to achieve this, and helping to get their workforce talking about mental health.”
As an existing partner of Time to Change Wales through the We Wear the Same Shirt community engagement campaign, we are delighted that the FA of Wales and FAW Trust have formally demonstrated their commitment to our employer’s campaign.

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