Player Pathway

Female Player Development Pathway

The Welsh Football Trust is responsible for the identification and development of young female players in order to support the success of future Welsh national teams.

Our central objectives are to work with the key partners to improve the Player Pathway to ensure talented players fulfill their potential and to prepare the elite youngsters for international training.

Girls Leagues & Turn Up & Play Centres

Further information on the Girls Leagues can be found within the Girls Leagues Section upon the Women and Girls Navigation along with key information regarding Turn Up & Play centres to ensure our young players enter a warm, friendly environment and have a positive first Impression of our National Game.

Performance & Development Centres

There are 6 centres throughout Wales, the centres are designed to support and develop talented players to progress onto regional and national squads. The focus of the centres is to improve and develop the technical ability of the current female players. The centres follow a national technical programme to develop players in the Welsh Way. All staff at the centres are FAW C Certificate & UEFA B Licence qualified. If any information is wanted on the centres please contact the Women's Coaching Coordinators.

Girls Regional Squads

Player development policy is developed through the Welsh Football Trust's Technical Committee, which passes on recommendations to the FAW for consideration.

Regional development squads have been established in North and South Wales for boys and girls aged 13 and 14. Players are nominated for these squads from WSFA county squads, Welsh Premier League Academies and professional clubs in England and Wales.

Links have been forged with the FAW intermediate national squads (men and women) to ensure there is a seamless transition from under 16 level through to the National 'A' squad. The Welsh Football Trust is keen to know about Welsh qualified boys and girls attending Centres of Excellence and academies outside the Wales. Parents and guardians should first check the criteria for eligibility before contacting us.

National Girls Development Squad

The Welsh U16 Development Squad is to develop and support players for international competition and training environments. The squad will have competitive fixtures and training camps throughout the year.

Girls Player Pathway

As the opportunities and programmes continue to grow, this is the player development pathway we have in place for female players across Welsh Football, ensuring we are raising standards and continuing to challenge the next generation of players that develop within Wales.

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