Why Play Futsal

Futsal as a development tool for young players

Futsal is a fun, enjoyable and exciting game. Whilst it can be a sport in its own right Futsal does not compete with football but can also serve to work alongside football to support it.

Ronaldinho “Futsal is an extremely important way for kids to develop their skills and understanding of the game.” Ronaldinho (FIFA World Footballer of the Year 2004, 2005)

Futsal is widely considered a very valuable tool in the development of young players to assist them in becoming more technically proficient. The game is heavily endorsed by a host of the most gifted footballers who have grown up playing Futsal as part of their childhood.

The dynamics of the game naturally encourage players to be good technically under pressure in small spaces. Playing inside a small court or pitch means players must be comfortable passing, dribbling, turning, shooting and controlling the ball whilst under pressure.

The game also supports players physically developing agility, balance coordination and speed (ABC’s). The small sized playing area means players have to make quick multi directional movements and constantly adjust their balance and coordination. These quick movements also mean that the game is of a high physical intensity.

Christiano Ronaldo "During my childhood in Portugal, we only played Futsal. The small pitch helped me to improve my footwork and whenever I played Futsal I felt free. If it weren’t for Futsal, I wouldn't be the player I am today" (FIFA World 2012)

Most notably Futsal encourages players to make quick decisions whilst under pressure in tight spaces and have better spatial awareness. Tactically the game is directly transferable to the eleven a side version of the game and Futsal provides players with numerous opportunities to practice the principles of attacking and defending.

The best environment for Futsal to be played and used as a development tool for young players is on an Indoor hard court. This could be particularly useful during the winter months when adverse weather conditions can affect the opportunities for games and training sessions to take place. However whilst an indoor hard court surface is ideal, other surfaces such as an astro turf can also be utilised in order to use Futsal as a training tool for players.

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