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Proud to be Supporting all Levels of Welsh Football

The Welsh Football Trust have been providing key mentoring opportunities informally for the past decade, however as our sporting landscape changes, so does the requirement to allow a greater structure and support mechanism to our next generation of players and coaches; with this in mind The Welsh Football Trust are proud to be able to support all key levels of our Coach Education Pathway and supporting many individuals from Grassroots to Elite across Welsh Football, but what is mentoring? There are many definitions of mentoring

– ‘”Mentor” - being a trusted advisor or friend’ (Galvin, 2004).

– A Critical Friend.

– ‘A mentor is a more experienced individual willing to share their knowledge with someone less experienced in a relationship of mutual trust. A mixture of parent and peer, the mentor’s primary function is to be the transitional figure in an individual’s development.’ (Clutterbuck, 1991).

– ‘Behind every successful person, there is one elementary truth; somewhere, somehow, someone cared about their growth and development. This person was their mentor.’ (Kaye, 1997).

– ‘A formal, or ‘formalised informal’, process whereby a coach is actively engaged in being guided towards acquiring new knowledge, feedback, ideas, or advice by a more knowledgeable and experienced person who has both sporting and mentoring credibility and who has been selected by the coach to help meet their identified coach development needs.’ (InVEST, 2007).

The Welsh Football Trust’s Coach Mentoring Programme focuses on facilitating development opportunities for its mentors, tutors and identified coach ‘champions’ (coaches who have excelled either during our coach education courses or in delivering at their respective club) and are seen as having strong potential for future advancement. By developing these individuals within the Programme, we aim to SUPPORT AND CHALLENGE them to become better coaches and mentors in their own right whilst they also develop coaches under their guidance, thereby challenging them to facilitate better coaches who will hopefully, in turn, produce better players”.

Each of our trained mentors is a:

  • Role model
  • Observer
  • Provider of feedback
  • Challenger
  • Facilitator
  • Partner
  • Critical enquirer

... of the coaches under their mentorship in order to challenge and support them to develop to their full potential.


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