McDonald's Community Football Awards 2017 - Nomination Guidelines

Since 2008, The FAW and McDonald’s Community Awards have been celebrating and recognising the hard work of unsung local heroes who devote their time and effort to grassroots football in their communities, championing the achievements of volunteers, clubs and leagues in counties across Wales.

The FAW and FAW Trust is urging people from across the region to nominate their unsung heroes across eight award categories as recognition for their commitment and achievements in football.

The eight award categories are:

  • Grassroots Impact
  • Volunteer of the Year (The People’s Award)
  • Young Volunteer of the Year
  • Club of the Year
  • Community Coach of the Year
  • Performance Development Coach of the Year
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Fun Football Provider of the Year (National Award Only)

Jamie Clewer, Head of Growth for the FAW Trust: “Grassroots football makes a vital contribution to the health of the national game and it is tremendous that The Football Association of Wales, the FAW Trust and McDonald’s are recognising these clubs and individuals again in 2017 with the Community Awards. The awards are a great opportunity for us to celebrate the dedication and commitment shown by clubs, coaches, players and volunteers across the country and we urge everyone to nominate a dedicated volunteer they know.”

Grassroots Impact Award

This looks to reward a project or organisation who have enabled a group of players or volunteers to access football in the last 12 months and have evidenced a significant and positive social impact through engagement in football. This could include creating opportunities for those with notable physical or mental disabilities, removing barriers to BME participation, growing the girls game or any other football activities that have benefitted your society.

Volunteer of the Year (The People’s Award)

Across Wales, every evening of the week and every weekend of the year, there are thousands of dedicated volunteers that go unnoticed, however these individuals are essential to our national game, and put in many hours of voluntary work to help support the development of the game in their area. This prestigious award is therefore a wonderful way to recognise those that coach, organise, or administrate football, helping others and growing the game.

Young Volunteer of the Year

Do you know anyone under 25 that gives up their time to volunteer in football? It could be a former junior player, local community member or the ever-positive team cheer person! We want to celebrate those that make a significant contribution to grassroots football, those that keep the game going. A role model that inspires others to get involved. Anyone spring to mind? Nominate them now; it will take just a couple of minutes of your time.

Club of the Year

Are you part of a FAW Accredited Club that deserves recognition for the work they do? Is it a focal part of the community and provides playing opportunities to everyone? A club that actively tries to achieve as high an accreditation as possible? If the answer is yes, then nominate your club or one you know that deserves to be rewarded for their part in keeping the beautiful game alive.

Community Coach of the Year

This award recognises the outstanding contribution of a coach at a grassroots club or Fun Football provider. Someone that encourages more people starting, staying and/or succeeding in football through high quality coaching. If you have been coached by or know someone who has attended our FAW Football Leaders course or above and has positively influenced a group of players, this is the award for you. Nominate now!

Performance Development Coach of the Year

This award recognises the outstanding contribution of a coach within a Regional Performance/Development Centre through high quality coaching and helping to support the next generation of regional and possible international stars. If you have been impressed and inspired to access the coach education pathway or enthused by the quality a coach possesses within this environment - nominate now!

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is all about finding the true heroes of grassroots football. Those that have given their life to the game and in doing so have helped others to enjoy it. This is an outstanding award which recognises dedication and those that will leave a true legacy for others to benefit from and the centre of their local football community.

Fun Football Provider of the Year

Do you know of an accredited Fun Football provider delivering organised ‘turn up and play’ opportunities in your area? Somewhere where skills are developed through creative football practice? An organisation that’s committed to providing flexible football opportunities to all? If so then nominate them today and they could be recognised at the National Awards.


All winners will be subject to DBS and FAW Coach Education checks.

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