Football Inclusion (BME)

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The Welsh Football Trust wants to ensure people from different ethnic backgrounds know how and where to get into football and remains an on ongoing priority.

One of the Trust’s partnership managers Mizan Rahman dedicates his time developing new opportunities and supporting existing opportunities in football for people from a Black and Minority Ethnic background throughout Swansea, Cardiff and Newport.

Mizan's aims are to:

  • Establish football festival opportunities for children aged between 8-16
  • Support the growth of existing community club structures and establish new structures where required
  • Organise new recreational league structures for the 16+ year old age group and/or support the growth of existing structures
  • Provide access to coaching education and referee training courses
  • Raise the profile of existing football opportunities in BME communities


Where can I find a local junior or senior team to play for? There are many football clubs to choose from. The easiest way to start your search is to use the 'Find a Club' tool on our website, located in the Club Accreditation, Accredited Club Section. For specific multi-cultural clubs, please contact the WFT’s inclusion officer Mizan (details below)

I don't have time to play 11 aside football, are there any 5/7 aside playing opportunities? There are plenty of 5/7 aside playing opportunities in Swansea, Cardiff and Newport, contact Mizan (details below) to get more info on how to get yourself involved.

I want to start a new senior team and join a league; what do I do? Get in touch with Mizan, he will be able to give you advice and guidance about who you need to contact, the costs involved in running a team and some advice on where to find funding.

I want to become a qualified coach, what do I need to do? Have a look at our Coach Education web pages. It’s easy to get started with a Football Leaders' Award and there are a number of courses running in your local area. Mizan can help you to take the first step and also give advice on where to find funding to cover the costs of getting qualified and support you with the application process.

Where can I find more information on funding and grants? A good starting point for small grants is the Sports Council for Wales Community Chest scheme who offer up to £1,500 for new sporting activities and coach education. There are a number of other small grants available locally which Mizan can direct you to and help complete the application forms.

If you have any further questions contact:

Hafizur (Mizan) Rahman

Tel: 07717 205288


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