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Since August 2010 the FAW C Certificate has supported over 1,600 candidates and has historically been delivered across seven contact days between September and March. It has been at the heart of grassroots football, providing a step up from the FAW Football Leaders Award for thousands of coaches and volunteers to improve and enhance their understanding of the technical, physical, social & psychological aspects of Football.

In January 2016, www.fawcourses.com was launched with an aim to revolutionise our coach education pathway, specifically, the foundation level awards which thousands of candidates throughout Wales access per annum. This has now expanded to cover our level two award- The FAW C Certificate.

The new home of online learning will allow Candidates the opportunity to access the theoretical elements of the course, still following a structure but completing the tasks in the comfort of their own home rather than the classroom. This allows us to achieve two things. Firstly, to reduce the contact time from seven days to five and secondly, to provide more practical elements to the course than we have been able to do previously.

In addition to the online learning, the structure of how we mentor our candidates has developed. Previously, we had to utilise the candidates on course which was quite tough physically and mentally because candidates were working with their peers. We are now using various Welsh Premier Academy teams and the age groups they provide so that candidates are working with players of the ages they normally coach.

The core of our changes has been to ensure we directly communicate this message and exciting future to all our affiliated grassroots clubs across Wales and our hundreds of volunteers supporting our national game.

For all FAW C Certificate, Course Awards, Dates and Application Process, Please visit www.fawcourses.com

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