Becoming a Coach

The Welsh Football Trust is delivering more and more courses each year through a variety of opportunities with the aim of making all programmes of study accessible to all

Good Coaches are vital to the development of football in Wales. They provide the knowledge for players to succeed at every level and play a pivotal role in the development of our young players.

Whether you wish to coach at a top professional club, Academy Programme or on a Sunday morning at grass roots level, the Welsh Football Trust offers courses for candidates at all levels through our extensive Coach Education Programme.

Through our programmes, we develop coaches through technical, tactical and medical courses. Each course is delivered by fully accredited and qualified staff to provide thorough, professional advice and support throughout training.

The first step in becoming a coach is to enrol for a Welsh Football Trust Foundation Award (See Foundation Course Calendar) or visit our new home of coach education at By getting on the coaching ladder candidates have the opportunity to progress through respective coaching qualifications and to enhance their skills and knowledge in coaching.

“The Welsh Football Trust Coaching Pathway has allowed me to develop my own coaching knowledge through an increased number of accessible programmes each year and all delivered within an education group environment, as well as individual learning support" - Rheinallt Williams, WFT Grassroots Coach of the Year 2011

All courses are conducted in a friendly and open manner with emphasis placed on the sharing of experiences and views. Candidates enrolling on courses should be open minded to new ideas and be open to share opinions and views on subjects covered throughout their training.

Becoming a coach and stepping on to the Coach Education ladder will involve a number of support mechanisms such as on-course support by our range of tutors, affiliated junior league coaches gaining financial support from Sport Wales and Community Chest Funding which can be accessed through your local club or school.

For more information please contact our coach education administration team at Dragon Park on 01633 282 911

The McDonald's Kickstart website has everything you need to get the most out of football. Opportunities to get funding for your club, useful information on coaching or running a team, and even once in a lifetime experiences and awards.

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